A Tale of Two Families

Scott was three years old when the Cate family moved to Indonesia. They lived in several different areas during the eight years they were there. One was Jakarta, the capital city, located on the island of Java. While the family lived there, they met Carlo Tabalujan and his wife, Stien. After studying with them, both were baptized and the families attended church together until the time that the Cates moved away. Fast forward to 2014.  Bailey, the daughter of Scott and granddaughter of Steve, traveled to Singapore with the World Wide Witness program through Abilene Christian University.  While attending church at the Moulmein Road church of Christ in Singapore, Bailey met Benny and his son, Tim while they were visiting from Australia. Benny is the son of Carlo and Stien. He and Scott played together as children when their families lived and worshipped together in Jakarta. The following year, Bailey joined a group from Moulmein on a mission trip to Cambodia. Two of Benny’s children also joined the mission trip. Tim and Faith traveled from their home in Australia, and Bailey from her home in the United States, to join a church group from Singapore to serve in Cambodia. Later, in 2018, Scott and Tracey were able to travel to Australia, staying in Benny’s home, where Scott and Benny reconnected after many years, and Scott and Tracey spent time getting to know Benny’s wife, Pauline and their kids Tim, Joy, Faith, and Matthew. Benny’s daughter, Joy, serves on the mission committee at the Belmore Road church, and is active with communicating and supporting the effort to assist on Nias. The miles and the years that our connections and relationships have spanned never cease to amaze us. Whether in Nias, Australia, Singapore, or the United States, we are all a part of God’s family; His story interconnecting us in ways that we are only beginning to realize. Little glimpses of His glory that we are allowed to see and experience, and then share so that others might see His mighty  hand at work throughout the ages and even over the course of existing generations.  We look forward to the years to come when we pray that the families that have been connected will continue to work together to shine His light for the world to see how graciously He has moved with us.

Visiting the Tabalujan family in 2018
Tim, Bailey, and Faith at Angkor Wat, Cambodia in 2015