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Thank you for supporting the work of Jochebed’s Hope! All operating costs are covered by designated funding; 100% of your donation goes to supporting those whom we serve in Indonesia.

our programs

Children's Home
Children move here from their homes to receive food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and access to schools.
Dormitories for upper-high school and college-aged students pursuing further education in the city.
Vocational Training
Adult Education
Vocational training courses for those too old to participate in traditional education programs.
Church Support
The Island of Nias
Offering financial assistance to congregations wishing to replace the roofs of their buildings.
Work in Jakarta
The Island of JAVA
A children’s home where they receive housing, food, clothing, medical care, and education.

Every Tribe, Every Tongue

This summer while teaching through Genesis with the Jochebed’s Hope staff on Nias, one of the preachers on the island asked a question that I

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We consider Jochebed’s Hope an opportunity to invest in encouraging our brothers and sisters to become agents of change in their country as image bearers made by Him.