Dorm Life

We have become good friends with one of the government officials who lives on the southern edge of the island. His own path to education was difficult. With the encouragement of his parents, he would walk across difficult terrain for seven miles to the town of Teluk Dalaam. Here he would stay during the week with family friends while attending school, returning home on the weekends. Although difficult, he was fortunate. Not everyone has this opportunity. A family may not have contacts in the city, or may not have the funds to house the child during the school term. Purchase of uniforms is also a requirement of school attendance. The dorms in Gunung Sitoli provide housing for up to 80 young people after they “graduate” from the children’s home and make their way through high school, then potentially university. Most of the young people living in the dorms have transitioned there from the children’s home and benefit greatly from the education they receive.