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March Trip

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 We have been working on this name change since last June when Dennis contacted us about combining the work on Nias with our existing work in Jakarta. We are thankful for the professionals who donated their time and expertise in helping us identify a name and logo that would capture the spirit behind the work in Indonesia. In addition to the name change, we also created a new website. Follow the work on-line at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We are excited to announce that the process is complete. KOI-Kids of Indonesia, is now officially Jochebed’s Hope. It has been a lot of work, but we think you will like the updated communication.

Connor’s House

Currently home to eight young people and two new mothers, this home continues to provide much needed support. The daily food distribution to the villages of the very poor continues with our man Adam leading the way. Connor’s House also serves as the place of worship for Christians in and around Bekasi. It seems every time I am back, the group continues to grow. Daniel does a great job in directing this work and we are grateful for all of his effort. Recently twin girls were welcomed into Connor’s House.

Jochebed’s Children’s Home

Currently home to 36 primary school age young people who come from villages all over the island. It is estimated that the illiteracy rate in the villages is around 98%. Parents hoping to provide a better future for their children bring them to Jochebed’s Children’s Home. The children can learn while living in a safe and supportive environment. Bailey and I enjoyed our time with the kids who are always happy to receive visitors.

Dorm Life

With 80 high school-aged young people, this is quite an undertaking. Bailey and I had the opportunity to meet with several of the young adults who had passed through the children’s home, dorm, and then the university. They had a difficult time expressing their thankfulness, stating that the program changed their lives. Without the opportunity to attend school and further their educations, they would not have the current choices and opportunities they now enjoy. These young people are now Bible class teachers and youth leaders in their local congregations. They are hopeful for the futures of other young people who would otherwise never be able to leave their villages, and dream of what they might be able to achieve someday.

Your tax deductible gift can make the difference in the life of a child today. Jochebed’s Hope PO Box 1881 Fremont, NE 68026

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What it's Like to be There - Part 2

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Our first trip, we went directly to Jakarta where Daniel was waiting at the airport.  Before we reached him, we were inundated by hopeful taxi drivers needing a customer. “No thank you”, we said as we walked by.  We knew we stood out among the sea of brown faces with dark eyes and dark hair.  Scott grew up here for eight years of his childhood, but I was feeling unsettled in this unfamiliar place.  Outside the baggage claim, we found Daniel, the local preacher whom we help support.  We were greeted with  enthusiastic smiles and handshakes, offers of help with our bags, and a ride to his home, which houses both the church worship area and a children’s home.  Daniel speaks English to us, but when we arrive at his home, everyone else speaks only Indonesian.  It doesn’t matter, however.  We are greeted with smiles, handshakes, and hugs by Daniel’s wife, Naomi and the hired help who assist her in caring for the children.  They show us to our room, which thankfully has a window air conditioning unit.  We are thankful as it is hot—tropical!  And in the rest of the house, there is no air conditioning, and the doors and windows are open.

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