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What it's Like to be There - Part 1

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I was able to make my first trip to Indonesia in 2011. It was with great anticipation that I made my first international trip, but I really had no idea what to expect. Before the completion of the 23 hours of flight time, not including connections and airport layovers, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be worth it. What can we DO that will make this worth the time and expense of making such a trip? And I’m so tired already!

For anyone who has not been to a third world country, I would like to describe a bit of what I/we experienced in that first trip, and in the trips that followed, because I believe without a doubt that it was, and is, worth it. Beyond the numbers and the factual information that we want a supporter to be aware of, I think that what we want to share and give every effort to explain, is what it is really like to BE THERE.

At first, I was somewhat nervous. I am an outsider here, a minority. We were treated politely, but it was different than being at home. The signs in the airport were in a language I didn’t understand. What am I doing here?

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