About Jochebed's Hope

Though she is seldom mentioned in scripture, Jochebed, mother of Moses, plays a significant role in the overall plan of God when she makes the decision to give up her son in hope of saving his life. Bible readers will remember how Moses was born during a time when Pharaoh wanted to control the Israelite population by killing the baby boys. In hopes of saving his life, Jochebed prepared a basket and placed baby Moses among the reeds in the Nile (Exodus 2). The life of Moses is spared when he is found by Pharaoh’s daughter, raised and educated with the finest Egypt had to offer. Moses will be used by God to deliver the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

The horrors of great poverty are very evident in Indonesia.  Parents want a better life for their children, but hold out little hope that this could actually happen.  Through the work of Jochebed’s Hope, we offer housing, food, medical care, clothing, education, and vocational training to provide a better future for children whose parents release them to our care.